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On our site you can find the free collection of recipes prepared from fish and seafood - culinary recipes for any or all occasions, starting from simple salads and appetizers, and ending in extravagant, exotic dishes.

Our site specializes in seafood recipes. Why seafood? The majority of you aspire to eat healthy, pure, and organic food. These qualities are found in seafood. Especially in fish, which are found in salty waters of ocean, deep-water fishes (usually flat shaped), and the mountain rivers' fish.

Research has proven that fish oils are beneficial to us and fish is a valuable source of low fat protein and minerals essential to human health.

Fish for health will cover the latest findings on issues surrounding seafood in your diet.

Oily fish provides essential fatty acids - it's not too hard to incorporate in your diet either - take a look at the canned fish section and ask yourself - how hard is it to open a can of salmon?

Fish is quick to cook, easy to digest, tastes good and provides valuable low fat protein and minerals - the health benefits are being brought to our attention on a regular basis.

There are such varieties as well - if you have chicken or beef, well, that's your choice isn't it - the only variation you can make is what cut to buy and how to cook it - choose fish and you have a wide variety of tastes and flavors - cow is cow, fish is anything from anchovies to yellow fin tuna.

We strive to make our collection of culinary recipes as complete and easy to use as possible. We hope the search for recipes is as convenient and simple as possible. You can browse recipes by 3 major divisions (categories): Main Ingredient, Preparation Method and Cuisine. The category Main Ingredient for your convenience is divided into 2 subcategories: Fish and Seafood. (Although Fish itself no doubt belongs in the Seafood grouping, they are just symbolic subdivisions.) You can also search through our recipes by using a Search Recipe feature.

If you feel like sharing, you can introduce your own special recipe to our users and us. Send us your culinary seafood recipes, and they will be posted on our site with proper mention of your name, web site, company, restaurant, and such. For this please use the link Submit Recipe. You can also submit photos of culinary creations that were prepared following recipes taken from our web site; we will be posting them with your name attached.

For your culinary purpose we provide Cooking Conversion page, where you can find measure and weight conversion tables for common U.S. and metric systems. Temperature calculator helps you to convert Fahrenheit (°F) to Celsius (°C) and back way.

Visit a section called Cooking Tips, we hope there is interesting and useful information to be found for any homemaker - young and old.

In the Fish Guide section you can read/get different information about fish and seafood, which is often used in preparation of culinary dishes in a home environment.

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